The Benefits of Thermal Imaging

Thermal image cameras are a specialist technology which allows us to find water leaks that are hidden behind the walls, floorboards or ceilings. By investing in this technology, it has enabled us to work much more efficiently and improve the service we offer to our customers.

Establishing leaks

Thermal image cameras work by using inferred technology to identify the source of a leak. The inferred is able to pick up on the varying temperatures on the walls and ceilings of your home, providing a good indication of where the damp is located. Once we have located the source, we can then start to repair it as quickly as possible.

Why have a thermal imaging survey?

  • Thermal image surveying is not only restricted to finding leaks, but it can also help to establish poor heating circulation too
  • Thermal image cameras allow us to quickly locate the source of the leak, therefore minimising the damage to your home
  • With efficient technology available, most jobs now require less manual work, therefore providing a much more cost-effective solution for the customer
  • Thermal image cameras also allow us to be much more accurate with our evaluation of the leak, something that is not always guaranteed without specialist technology

If you have a leak or poor heating circulation and think that you could benefit from thermal image surveying, don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01873 851363 or via our email.