Aga Wood Burning Stove

Why Buy An Aga Wood Burning Stove

The flickering flames of an Aga Wood Burning Stove and the characteristic smell of a woody fire.  There is nothing quite so welcoming on a cold winters night.

Aga Wood Burning Stove
Aga Wood Burning Stove

For homeowners looking to install a wood burner this year we have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons to consider purchasing an Aga Wood Burning Stove.

1. Wood is renewable energy that can help save on heating bills

With energy bills constantly rising, gaining some fuel independence is one of the best reasons to start using a wood burning stove. Provided homeowners buy well-seasoned wood with a moisture level below 20%, the output from a wood burner can easily heat the largest of rooms.  This reduces the need for central heating from a gas or oil boiler.  Information relating to the various suitable Fuel Types can be found by following this link.

2. Eco-friendly lifestyle

Burning wood can offer households a long term sustainable heat source.  Burning logs is a carbon neutral process, with the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere equal to that absorbed by a tree when it grows. It is however, important to select suppliers that source their wood from sustainable plantations, as this ensures there is enough timber for years to come.

3. A wide selection of designs

The increasing popularity of stoves over the last few years has driven manufacturers to create a wider selection of designs to suit all modern and traditional interiors. At AGA, we have models ranging from the Little Wenlock Classic – which features stunning cast iron detailing and an elegant unassuming stature – to the Dorrington, with its tall contemporary cylindrical styling and wide angled glass doors.

4. Choice of stove material

In general, stoves are constructed from either cast iron or steel – with both materials providing the warmth and cosiness associated with a wood burner. AGA’s cast iron stoves are extremely robust and built to last for years. This durability comes from the manufacturing process, which involves pouring molten metal into moulds to create the desired shape. Alternatively, the latest high quality range of steel stoves offer Scandinavian-inspired designs, for a smoother, more contemporary look.

5. Active Air Wash System

An Aga Wood Burning Stove Active Air Wash System ensures the glass on the stove door remains clean for a clear view of the fire. This is achieved by carefully drawing air into the top of the stove, where it is preheated and directed in front of the glass to prevent any soot build up.

Aga Wood Burning Stove Active Air Wash System
Aga Wood Burning Stove

6. Suitable for Smoke Control Areas

For homeowners who live in smoke controlled areas, such as town and city centres, there is a restriction on emitting smoke from the chimney when using a wood burner. Your Aga Wood Burning Stove is now designed from the outset  for use in smoke control areas.  You can check out the  DEFRA  approved AGA appliances for your area by using this link.

7. High efficiency

Homeowners with an open fire will be used to much of the heat produced going up the chimney, rather than into the room. This is because an open fire is only 10-20% efficient, whereas a wood burning stove can be as much as 85% efficient. AGA’s stoves are carefully designed and tested to emit as much heat in to a room as possible. In addition, wood burners continue to give out heat even after the fire has died down, ensuring a home stays warmer for longer.

8. Heat your hot water and home

In general, most stoves are installed to provide space heating for an individual room. However, certain models such as the Minsterley from AGA Stoves, are fitted with a back boiler which can supplement a central heating system, as well as provide hot water for showers and baths.

A consultation with us at gasmarkone will help to clearly identify your home’s requirements.

9. A network of expert retailers

To ensure homeowners receive adequate advice on installing a wood burner in their home, we recommend they consult an expert first, either through an AGA Shop, or one of our specially selected independent retailers. This process covers all aspects of stove ownership, from product selection, installation and reliable after sales support. It may also allow a homeowner to see the stove of their choice in action, as many retailers have live models. It is important to note that the installation of a wood burning stove falls under Building Regulations, which require all installers to be HETAS registered.

10. Heritage at the heart of every stove

The AGA name is synonymous with quality and our extensive range of wood burning stoves is no exception. Many models are manufactured in our 300 year old foundry in Coalbroookdale, where generations of skilled craftsmen create the stunning cast iron models. Our steel stoves also undergo the same care and attention to detail, with every model subjected to detailed quality standards to ensure they perform to the highest level.

Having a wood burning stove in the home offers a wealth of benefits. Not only will it provide an excellent source of warmth and comfort, but it also adds an extra element to a living space that other types of fires simply can’t offer. Needless to say, buying a wood burning stove is a decision that homeowners won’t regret.