Eco-Connect Linked Systems

With an Eco-Connect Linked System, you don’t have to be 100% reliant on your solid fuel boiler.  This system allows you to link your solid fuel central heating system with a gas or oil fired boiler.  This allows you to leave the solid fuel part off and fall back on the gas or oil heating whenever required.

Linked system
Eco-Connect Linked system

Eco-Connect – Intelligent Control

The system automatically pulls heat from your solid fuel boiler and only turns on the gas or oil boiler when it’s needed.  It therefore gives priority to the renewable energy source and features a display screen to tell you which fuel sources are in use.  The Eco-Connect can mix the heat input from the two heat sources if the solid fuel boiler isn’t quite generating enough hot water.


Eco-Connect also allows for a safe dissipation of heat in the case of an accidental over-firing of the solid fuel appliance.  The unit has been independently tested and accredited and recently won OFTEC’s award for Innovative Product of the Year.

For any questions concerning the applicability of this technology to your home, please do not hesitate to contact us at gasmarkone, where one of our engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements.